Indiana CabaI was born In Zaragoza on a cold night of January at 21.00 pm (Spain, 1987).
In 2011 my expat aventure began as I was eager for new experiences. First I moved to Groningen (Netherlands), and afterwards to London (UK).

Currently, I live in the countryside (Cantabria, Spain) while I wander around the world and work as a senior Product designer.

Since 15 years ago I cannot live without a camera in my handbag. Constantly I feel the urge of documenting the things that I see, what I feel, to stop the time for a few seconds. Particularly on little everyday things, on routines, on the hidden beauty of common things and moments. Each photograph takes part in something bigger; like a documentary of a life: the things I experience, what I love, where I find beauty, my misfortunes… But it isn’t only my own life, it could be anyone’s life.

I’m open to commissions, collaborations and words

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* all the beds (nomad project)
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Selected Solo Exhibitions

All is wild – All is silent, Zaragoza (Spain)

Oh, magpie!, Madrid (Spain)

No Light to be Found, Zaragoza (Spain)


Selected Group Exhibitions

Muerte a los Grandes Relatos, Zaragoza (Spain)

Libros que son fotos, fotos que son libros, Reina Sofia Museum (Spain)

LEE Make History, Modena (Italy)

Domestic Social Vision, Barcelona (Spain)

CulturaPop Exhibition, Madrid (Spain)

Ladyfest, Madrid (Spain)


Selected Publications

Tarot Fanzine, Spain

Heraldo de Aragón, Spain

ELLE girl, Korea

Devora Ran #5, Spain

Polaroid Day Black Edition, Korea

Carpaccio magazine #15

One with the Birds (self-published, out of stock)

ELLE girl, Korea

Zing magazine, Shanghai

Vulture #49, Spain

Online publications

Underexposed, US

Heist Magazine, London

LaMono Magazine, Spain

Absolut Network, Spain

Defeated Magazine #2, Spain

Come Into Land, USA

Serial Optimist USA

Frankie, Australia

Cíclope, Argentina

SexInArt, USA

LaMonoOnline, Spain

 Tseventy, Spain

0034 Gallery, Spain, USA

La Hormiga Azul #9, Spain

LaMono digital, Spain

Revista Ohio #1, Spain

Not Common People, Spain

Rojo & Garabato #4, Spain

LaEX magazine, Spain

Sweet and Sound, UK

10×15 Fanzine #3, Spain

Impracabeza #5, Spain

El ángel caído , Spain

The Ones we Love, USA

Stone magazine, USA

F-Stop magazine, USA