Hi, how are you?

Just a grazing Horse living a simple and rural life
in Northern Spain (Cantabria).

Still in love with 35mm, although frequently I cannot escape from the magical instantaneity from my phone.

Open to commissions and words.


• Pequeña vida – Jekyll Y Jill

• One with the birds – self-published


Selected Exhibitions

• Muerte a los Grandes Relatos, Zaragoza (Spain)

• Libros que son fotos, fotos que son libros, Reina Sofia Museum (Spain)

• All is wild – All is silent, Zaragoza (Spain)

• Oh, magpie!, Madrid (Spain)

• No Light to be Found, Zaragoza (Spain)

• LEE Make History, Modena (Italy)

• Domestic Social Vision, Barcelona (Spain)

• CulturaPop Exhibition, Madrid (Spain)

• Ladyfest, Madrid (Spain)


Selected Publications

• Tarot Fanzine, Spain

• Heraldo de Aragón, Spain

• ELLE girl, Korea

• Devora Ran #5, Spain

• Polaroid Day Black Edition, Korea

• Carpaccio magazine #15

• One with the Birds (self-published, out of stock)

• ELLE girl, Korea

• Zing magazine, Shanghai

• Vulture #49, Spain